Workshop - HUNDOC 2022 | 27-28 January, 2022 - ELTE, Budapest

1, Career Forum

Am I prepared for a career in neuroscience? What are the ups and downs of this life? Should I choose academic or industrial research? How much will I earn? Do I have the chance to have a family? Should I consider working abroad?
If You ever wondered about any of these questions, then the career forum is for You. In this workshop, invited speakers of different scientific backgrounds and at different career stages will share their insight and experience in a less formal manner.
Participants are encouraged to ask relevant questions directly from the speakers during the forum. 

- Dr. Éva Mikics (Department of Behavioural Neurobiology, Institute of Experimental Medicine)
- Dr. László Grand (Appercell Biotech Kft. CEO)
- Dr. Ferenc Mátyás (Institute of Experimental Medicine, University of Veterinary Medicine, Research Centre for Natural Sciences)


2, Presentation skills

Some particularly enjoy delivering presentations, some would do anything to avoid them while most will simply resign themselves to the inevitable. The academic career path is littered with inexorable public speaking opportunities / obligations (underline as appropriate). These can range from seminars to conferences or even to unexpected TV or radiointerviews.
In this workshop we will help each other to prepare for future public speaking possibilities / challenges / nightmares. Please, be prepared that this is NOT a frontal presentation on how to do a presentation. Instead, expect many lightweight communication games and exercises.
Laszlo Robert Zsiros is an award winning Hungarian science journalist and edutainer with nearly 15 years of experience in stage science shows and online content creation. He has helped hundreds of STEM professionals to reach their science communication goals from college programs to FameLab Masterclasses.

Presenter: László Róbert Zsiros (freelance science communicator)

3, How to apply for grants?

In this workshop, we would like to offer some insights on grant proposals, especially postdoctoral fellowships, and we also aim to give advice about planning and writing a proposal. We will talk about how to identify potential funders and develop ideas into winning proposals tailored for their expectations.  We will give some clues about the steps of preparing and submitting the proposal as well as about the  review process. We will discuss what you can do during your graduate years to be prepared for a postdoc position, what are the advantages of networking and what you can earn from a grant apart from the financial support?
One of our presenters will be Nóra Jeney (National Research, Development and Innovation Office), who is the National Contact Point of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA). She will be accompanied by Dr. Viktor Varga (Institute of Experimental Medicine), who is a former recipient of the Postdoctoral Fellowship of MSCA and can share valuable experiences.

- Nóra Jeney (MSCA NCP, NKFIH)
- Dr. Viktor Varga (Institute of Experimental Medicine)